Why Successful Marketers Are 34x More Likely To Use OmniChannel

What distinguishes a successful marketer from an unsuccessful one in today’s world? SEO? Witty ads?

The answer is OmniChannel Marketing.

Salesforce’s 2016 State of Marketing report revealed that high-performing marketers were 34.4 times more likely than underperforming ones to provide personalized OmniChannel experiences to their clients. Successful companies know that simplicity and personalization is what motivates people to buy – any confusing or tedious step can deter them away. Moreover, a brand is far likely to supply relevant and accurate recommendations to its target audience by using purchasing data based on various sources – in return, consumers build trust towards the brand feeling that their preferences are being understood.

In an age where people are constantly hopscotching from one channel to another, OmniChannel provides a single lens into every interaction that your shopper has with your company across various devices and platforms. Google reported that 90% of modern consumers switch between gadgets before finalizing a purchase. Marketing gurus know that whatever forms of media their clients engage with, they need to deliver consistency throughout the acquisition journey.

OmniChannel is quickly becoming the unheard law of success in today’s marketing world where more channels are opening up doors for consumers, but creating space for disparities as well. Optikal knows that businesses should move in the same direction with their customers by adopting OmniChannel, so both parties can be on the same page. Those who want to strengthen their B2C bond and expand their presence need to take that extra 34.4 leap.