Optikal is redefining OmniChannel Marketing

What is OmniChannel marketing? One definition of OmniChannel marketing refers to a seamless experience a consumer should have with a brand, whether it’s via Website, Storefront, Catalog, Social Media, etc. Another definition of OmniChannel marketing, or Multi Channel marketing, is a cohesive advertising campaign across multiple channels such as social, display, radio, etc.

Optikal is revolutionizing that approach by adding big data capabilities to OmniChannel Marketing. With this, we can help you create an opportunity to own your target audience and advertise to that specific audience across all channels. Imagine having the capability to interact with your ideal consumer who is interested in your brand, your offer, and are ready to purchase! Optikal’s OmniChannel approach gives you access and places that capability in your hands.

Consumers are bombarded every day with advertisements, so brands need to find a way to stand out. With the targeted data sets Optikal can provide, brands can now break out of the clutter and deliver tailored messages to each individual consumer.

Our data capabilities enable us to segment, review, and pair your data to ensure your KPI’s are met. We can continually grow that list or, if necessary, build you a new database from scratch. Then, we start to engage with your ideal consumer almost immediately, saving time and money. Each piece of advertising material that is sent should not only be cohesive and congruent, but also unique to the individual consumer.

Optikal is an OmniChannel Marketing Solution that provides a true 1:1/ human-to-human connection for brands and advertisers who are looking to reach targeted consumers across digital, social, mobile, traditional and DRM. Our solution is powered by integrated proprietary technology and database partners that allow us to identify, map, and transmit your message to your audience on every channel, platform and device.