All Content Should Be A Strategy, But The Key Is Consistency

With today’s consumers spending nearly eight hours a day overwhelmed with some form of media, data driven OmniChannel marketing is the way forward for all brands with a desire to reach on a personal level. By implementing and tracking unique and precise consumer data, the insight to each individuals’ habits create steady and uniformed messages for a variety of important targeted reasons.

Advertising and marketing have come a long way since the decades of propaganda pieces and traditional bulky ads with paragraphs of copy. Gone are the days following the introduction of the Internet and mobile devices, and thus streamlining the development of marketing to consumers on multiple channels. What does it mean if those messages across multiple channels are not in sync? Will the consumer still purchase when multiple channels are being used by a consumer at once? Will the costumer with a mobile smartphone and access to hundreds of reviews while standing in the shampoo isle, be receiving the same message across the two channels?

With OmniChannel marketing, it’s all about consistency for the consumer. OmniChannel marketing puts the consumer in the hot seat and through an arrangement of data collection techniques, companies can now know their audiences more than was thought possible. For example, OmniChannel encourages a total assessment of, let’s say a 25-year-old bachelor, to find his income, the shops he predominantly frequents, the lifestyle he lives. It is through this analysis that one puts this millennial “John Doe” aside from email marketing of goods and services intended for the middle aged father of three.

It is in this careful and target selection of data that encourages a steady subscription retention. It is the consumer that matters most and with a certain constancy to the attention paid to an individual consumer, Omnichannel marketing offers consumers a tireless yet personalized marketing experience.

Here at Optikal, our formula fuels this message; we identify, map and transmit your message to your audience.

What is your brand waiting for?